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Reduce your monthly loan payments by as much as 30% to 70%.

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We partner with over sixty loan programs to decrease terms and significantly lower your monthly student loan payments.

Loan consolidation

Our Gurus can suggest multiple programs that combine all of your loans into one lower monthly payment.

Loan forgiveness

You may be eligible for a principal reduction, loan forgiveness, or a loan discharge through our partner’s numerous programs.

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Discover the secret to lowering your payments and maximizing savings by accessing the most effective loan programs.

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Our Gurus will navigate all available programs to provide a no obligation proposal offering your maximized savings.

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There is no catch! We only get paid when we help you find the right solution to significantly reduce your payments.

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Student debt has burdened borrowers for far too long. This is unfair! We created Repayment Guru to help people free up their money for the enjoyable things in life instead of endlessly paying bills.

To maximize your savings, our Gurus will navigate through a wealth of resources to find the ideal repayment, consolidation, and/or forgiveness program for you.

Our pricing is completely transparent. We only get paid when our Gurus significantly reduce your monthly student loan payments.

There are no risks, no hidden fees, and no obligation. We’ve already helped over 80,000 borrowers lower their monthly payments and we’re confident that we can help you too!